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SIGMA is a US manufacturer that specializes in AV Flowmeters, Samplers, and Rain 
Gauge instrument. In 1997, Sigma became part of the Hach Company family.

MARSH-MCBIRNEY is a US manufacturer that specializes in Open Channel Flowmeters. For over 35 years, Marsh- McBirney has provided innovative and award winning open channel flowmeters designed for both portable (short-term) and permanent (long-term) flow monitoring applications. In 2006, Marsh- McBirney became part of the Hach Company family.

AV Sensor

Sigma Submerged

AV Sensor


The Sigma Submerged AV Sensor is a robust, 1 MHz Acoustic Doppler flow sensor designed to measure wastewater with improved resistance to sensor fouling through either oil-filled or non-oil-filled options. This tried-and-true sensor also uses a pressure transducer to calculate flow level and incorporates advanced technologies to ensure accuracy, including automatically correcting for temperature effects on measurements.

When paired with our new Hach AV9000 Analyzer Module, this sensor provides “cleaner,” more precise data than ever before. With advanced signal processing and filtering options, the AV9000 Analyzer expands the applicability of the sensor into more difficult applications and velocity measurements can even account for water temperature swings and salinity concentrations. Plus, advanced analyzer diagnostics allow you to verify that the sensor is working properly even before you leave the site, giving you peace of mind.

Additional Features:

  • Excellent for sites with persistent foam or reverse flow



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