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HACH COMPANY was established in 1947, in Ames, Iowa, USA. For more than 60 years, Hach has been the world market leader for Analytical Instrumentation for Complete Water Analysis, providing solutions for lab, process and field.

In 2002, GLI, a leading US manufacturer of process electro-chemistry analytical instruments, became part of the Hach Company family.

Water analysis has to be right. Our customers deserve complete, reliable solutions that they can be fully  confident in. Hach is your answer. We make water analysis simpler

UV Absorbance Transmittance Sensor

UVAS Plus sc

UV Absorbance Transmittance Sensor


  • Continuous, Automatic Early warning system
  • Control activated sludge process
  • Self-cleaning wiper system
  • Monitor Efficiency of UV disinfection Process
  • Self Diagnostics and easy maintenance
  • “ Plug and play”


Measurement TechniqueUV absorption measurement (2-beam technique), reagent-free
Measurement RangeUVAS sc Tank Sensors Choice of:
0.01 to 60 m–1 at 50 mm
0.1 to 600 m–1 at 5 mm 
0 to 1500 m–1 at 2 mm 
2 to 3000 m–1 at 1 mm 
UVAS sc Bypass Sensors Choice of:
0.01 to 60 m–1 at 50 mm
0.1 to 600 m–1 at 5 mm
0 to 1500 m–1 at 2 mm
Cable length10 to 70 m (32.8 to 229.7 ft.)
Control FunctionPID, time control, 2-point controller


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