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International Gas Detectors (IGD) is a UK based company specialising in gas detection instruments, gas safety, and gas analysis. IGD have been leaders in gas detection technology for over 95 years and their gas safety products and gas monitoring equipment are found worldwide.

Formally known as Richard Oliver Ltd and Oliver IGD Ltd, the Company changed its name to International Gas Detectors Ltd to embrace its former division.

For all gas detection, gas analysis, or gas monitoring needs, International Gas Detectors Ltd offers a wide and versatile product range. All our gas monitoring equipment and gas safety products are manufactured in the UK.

IGD offers the following range of products:

Detector Control Panels
  • Tocsin 625 Control Panel (Wall Mount)
  • Tocsin 700 Series Control Panel (Wall Mount)
  • Tocsin 903 EExd Control Panel (Wall Mount)
  • Tocsin 920 Addressable Control Panel (Wall/Rack Mount)

Gas Detectors

  • Tocsin 103 Series Gas Detectors (Safe Area)
  • Tocsin 102 Series Gas Detectors (Hazardous Area, ATEX Certified)
  • TOC-31A Flammable Gas Detector (Safe Area)
  • MK III Flammable Gas Detector (Hazardous Area)

Flammable Gas Detector


Flammable Gas Detector


  • Ex d IIC T6 Gb T6 = -20 C to +40 C
  • Ex tb IIIC T6 Db IP66
  • Ex d IIC T5 Gb Ta = -20 C to +55 C
  • CE: 0518
  • Ex: II 2 G D
  • Sira 02ATEX1270X



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