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ALIA GROUP INC. is a US company established since 2003. ALIA manufactures a wide range of innovative products that integrate the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of public or private energy and water suppliers, utility services and industrial companies.

Alia’s core expertise in the field of Flow and Pressure Measurement has made it one of the leading brands in today’s market.

Alia offers the following range of products:
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    • Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter
    • Ultrasonic Clamp-on & Insertion Flowmeter
    • Vortex Flowmeter
    • Smart Target Flowmeter
    • Smart Pressure Transmitter
    • Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Paperless Recorder
    • HART Communicator
    • Field Thermodynamic Calibrator

2-Valve Manifolds, 3-Valve Manifolds


2-Valve Manifolds, 3-Valve Manifolds


AHV400 series manifolds feature a horizontal body design. Manifolds are constructed out of bar-stock and forged material in 316 Stainless Steel as Standard. Standard models are available in 2-, 3-way configurations together with a full range of connection types; custom designs are available on demand. Each manifold undergoes hydraulic pressure, pneumatic pressure, vacuum, vibration and thermal stability testing to ensure product integrity.

  • All 316 Stainless steel construction
  • Convenient method for blocking, exhausting, and calibrating pressure instruments
  • Flange seals and flange bolts are included with manifold
  • Designed for connecting system impulse line & transmitter
  • Special hardened ball seat is ideal for both gas and liquid service
  • All stem packing is located below to stem threads presenting galling, corrosion and contamination
  • One piece construction for higher pressure


Double Block & Bleed Gauge ValvesSeparately Mounted 3-Valve Manifold
Test Pressure:@ 25 oC Room TemperatureTest Pressure:@ 25 oC Room Temperature
HydrostaticBody - 620 BarHydrostaticBody - 620 Bar
Seat - 415 BarSeat - 415 Bar
PneumaticSeat - 40 BarPneumaticSeat - 40 Bar
Gland PackingPTFEGland PackingPTFE
BodyStainless Steel 316BodyStainless Steel 316
Wetted partsStainless Steel 316Wetted partsStainless Steel 316
PlateStainless Steel 316PlateStainless Steel 316
Max. Temperature:180 oCMax. Temperature:180 oC
Process1/2" NPT (Male)Process1/2" NPT (Female)
Instrument1/2" NPT (Female)Instrument1/2" NPT (Female)
T-Type Direct Mounting 3-Valve Manifold
Test Pressure:@ 25 oC Room Temperature
HydrostaticBody - 620 Bar
Seat - 415 Bar
PneumaticSeat - 40 Bar
Gland PackingPTFE
BodyStainless Steel 316
Wetted partsStainless Steel 316
PlateStainless Steel 316
Max. Temperature:180 oC
Process1/2" NPT (Female)
InstrumentDirect on instrument


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