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HYDROLAB is a leading US manufacturer that introduced the first Multi-Parameter Sonde to the world in 1968. For more than 45 years, Hydrolab has designed and manufactured multi-parameter sondes for water quality monitoring in the environment. Hydrolab is now part of the Hach Hydromet and OTT Hydromet family.

At the heart of Hydrolab multi-probes is our superior sensor technology, which ensures that the important data you collect is solid, reliable, and dependable. In addition, our sensors are built to last, and comes packaged in a rugged, non-corrosivehousing so your total cost of ownership is ultimately the lowest in the industry.

Complete, cost-optimized system package that includes an easy-to-use handheld display


Complete, cost-optimized system package that includes an easy-to-use handheld display


  • Four built-in universal sensor ports that allow custom configuration.
  • Measures up to 10 parameters simultaneously (some sensors provide multiple parameters)
  • Features Hydrolab’s sensor technology for the basic six parameters – temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, depth, and turbidity
  • Packaged as a complete system with display
  • Engineered for dependable performance and durability in the field
  • Cost optimized for profiling or spot-checking applications
  • Backed by an unprecedented three-year warranty


Range-5 ... 50 °C
Accuracy± 0.15 °C
Resolution0.01 °C
Dissolved Oxygen
Range0 ... 50 mg/L
Accuracy± 0.2 mg/L ≤ 20 mg/L 
± 0.6 mg/L > 20 mg/L
Resolution0.01 mg/L
Specific Conductance
Range0 –... 100 mS/cm
Accuracy1% of reading
± 0.01 PSS
Resolution4 digits
Range0 ... 14 units
Accuracy± 0.2 units
Resolution0.01 units
Range-999 ... 999 mV
Accuracy± 20 mV
Resolution1 mV
4-Beam Turbidity
Range0 ... 1000 NTU
Accuracy± 5% of reading
± 1 NTU
Resolution0.1 NTU (<100)
1 NTU (≥100)
Depth 0-25 m
Range0 ... 25 m
Accuracy± 0.1m
Resolution0.1 m
Depth 0-100 m
Range0 ... 100 m
Accuracy± 0.3 m
Resolution0.1 m
Vented Level 0-10 m
Range0 ... 10 m
Accuracy± 0.003 m
Resolution0.001 m
Range0 ... 70 PSS
Accuracy± 1% of reading
± 0.01 PSS
Resolution0.01 PSS
Quanta Transmitter
Diameter7.6 cm (3 in)
Length22.9 cm (9 in)
Weight1.3 kg (3 lbs)
Quanta Display
Screen Size8.9 cm (3.5 in diagonal)
Weight (with batteries)0.95 kg (2.1 lbs)
Memory200 data frames
(1 frame can store all parameter values)
NEMA 6 rated (waterproof)
Low battery indicator
Operating temperature-5 ... 50 °C
Batteries3 “"C"” size batteries
Battery life15 h


  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Depth
  • pH
  • Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (Clark Cell)
  • Turbidity
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