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ALIA GROUP INC. is a US company established since 2003. ALIA manufactures a wide range of innovative products that integrate the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of public or private energy and water suppliers, utility services and industrial companies.

Alia’s core expertise in the field of Flow and Pressure Measurement has made it one of the leading brands in today’s market.

Alia offers the following range of products:
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    • Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter
    • Ultrasonic Clamp-on & Insertion Flowmeter
    • Vortex Flowmeter
    • Smart Target Flowmeter
    • Smart Pressure Transmitter
    • Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Paperless Recorder
    • HART Communicator
    • Field Thermodynamic Calibrator

Multi-Function Calibrator


Multi-Function Calibrator


ACA60 is mainly designed for the calibration and maintenance of on-site industrial thermodynamic(al) instrument and their system. Its complete and practical functions are easily accessible. With latest extensive digital-converted integrative circuit and large-screen display, it is supplied with functions of output, measurement, ITS-90 query and 24VDC power supply, making it convenient for you to check and calibrate sensor, transmitter, displayed instruments, and control system on spot.

  • Large 2-line LCD with backlit display
  • Sources and reads mA, mV, V, Ohms, RTD and frequency
  • Keypad to enter output parameters directly
  • Simultaneous millivolt display when in temperature measurement mode
  • Small, streamlined shape, easy to carry and hold
  • Thermocouple measurement/output with automatic or manual cold junction compensation
  • Quick query to resistance & temperature, and millivolt & temperature
  • 24VDC loop power supply
  • Ni-MH battery available, continuous use for at least 6 hours
  • Concurrent input/output, convenient to operate


Source:Battery Type:
VDC, mA, mVNiMH Pack, 1800 mAh, 7.2VDC
T/C(S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N, W325)Charger Supply:
Frequency, 0-5000 Hz (4VDC)90 ~ 260VAC  50/60 Hz
Resistance, 10 - 5000 Power Consumption:
24VDC, 30mA Max.2W
Read:Accessory Included:
VDC, mA, mVTest leads two pairs
T/C(S, K, E, T, J, B, R, N, W325)Power Adaptor(90-265VAC, 50/60Hz)
Frequency, 0-5000 Hz (24 VDC Max.)Reinforced aluminum carrying case
RTD(PT100 , Cu50)Shoulder straps for carrying case only
Response Time:Dimension:
Operating Temp.:231 *104 * 39mm
-10 ~ +55 oC9.1" * 4.1" * 1.5"
Ambient Humidity:Carrying Case
0 - 90% RH non-condensing330 * 250 * 150mm
Display:13" * 9.8" * 6.0"
2" (128*64 Pixels), Backlight LCDWeight:
Display Update Rate:0.7 Kg
4 / secondEnclosure:
25 Membrane keyboard
Password Protection:
4 Digits
Battery Operation:
6-8 Hours
Charge Time:
8-12 Hours


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