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ALIA GROUP INC. is a US company established since 2003. ALIA manufactures a wide range of innovative products that integrate the latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of public or private energy and water suppliers, utility services and industrial companies.

Alia’s core expertise in the field of Flow and Pressure Measurement has made it one of the leading brands in today’s market.

Alia offers the following range of products:
    • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    • Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeter
    • Ultrasonic Clamp-on & Insertion Flowmeter
    • Vortex Flowmeter
    • Smart Target Flowmeter
    • Smart Pressure Transmitter
    • Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter
    • Paperless Recorder
    • HART Communicator
    • Field Thermodynamic Calibrator

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


AUT8500 series is an intelligent handheld product, which provides quick and precise measurement of thickness for most industrial material.
AUT8500 series is widely used in various precise measurement for different hardware/parts in industrial realm and diffusely applied in manufacture fields, metal processing or commercial inspection. 

  • Auto calibration to assure accuracy
  • Low battery indication
  • Preset or store more than ten sound velocity and thickness measurement data
  • Auto power off if no operation within two minutes
  • With a given thickness to measure the sound velocity
  • Coupling status indication
  • High / Low thickness buzzer alarm


Measuring Range:Measuring Range:
1.2  ~ 225.0 mm1.00 ~ 300.0 mm (1/25" ~ 12")
Min. limit for tube:Min. limit for steel tube:
20 * 3.0 mm (f10 Transducer)15 * 2.0 mm (6 Transducer)
Accuracy:20 * 3.0 mm (10 Transducer)
+/-1% of Reading +/-0.1mmAccuracy:
Engineer unit:+/-0.8% of Reading +/-0.05mm
mmEngineer unit:
Sound Velocity Range:mm / Inch
1000 ~ 9999 m/sSound Velocity Range:
Accuracy of Velocity:1000 ~ 9999 m/s
+/-1% of Reading ( Thickness < 20mm )Accuracy of Velocity:
+/-5% of Reading ( Thickness > 20mm )+/-1% of Reading ( Thickness < 20mm )
Operating Temp.:+/-5% of Reading ( Thickness > 20mm )
-20 to +60 oCAlarm Setting:
Battery life:High / Low Thickness Alarm With Buzzer
15 to 20 HoursOperating Temp.:
Power Supply:-20 to +60 oC
1.5V AAA Battery * 3 pcsBattery life:
Power Consumption:30 to 35 hours
<0.54 W (with back light on)Power Supply:
Standard Package:1.5V AAA Battery * 3 pcs
Ultrasonic Thickness GaugePower Consumption:
10 Transducer ( 5MHz )<0.16W (with back light on)
Ultrasonic CouplantStandard Package:
Sample BlockUltrasonic Thickness Gauge
Leather Case Cover10 Transducer ( 5MHz )
Carrying Case6 Transducer ( 5MHz )
Ultrasonic Couplant
Sample Block
Leather Case Cover
Carrying Case


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