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SIGMA is a US manufacturer that specializes in AV Flowmeters, Samplers, and Rain 
Gauge instrument. In 1997, Sigma became part of the Hach Company family.

MARSH-MCBIRNEY is a US manufacturer that specializes in Open Channel Flowmeters. For over 35 years, Marsh- McBirney has provided innovative and award winning open channel flowmeters designed for both portable (short-term) and permanent (long-term) flow monitoring applications. In 2006, Marsh- McBirney became part of the Hach Company family.

with Bubbler

Sigma Submerged - AV SENSOR

with Bubbler


The Sigma Submerged AV Sensor with Bubbler is the favorite sensor of storm water professionals, combining a bubbler pressure transducer in the meter to measure level and Acoustic Doppler technology to capture velocity. It’s also an ideal sensor to capture flow data in sites with strong winds, high temperatures or foam.

Additional Features:

  • Areas with persistent foam and reverse flow
  • Dry channels
  • Large channels
  • Sites with large, frequent or rapid liquid temperature changes



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