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SIGMA is a US manufacturer that specializes in AV Flowmeters, Samplers, and Rain 
Gauge instrument. In 1997, Sigma became part of the Hach Company family.

MARSH-MCBIRNEY is a US manufacturer that specializes in Open Channel Flowmeters. For over 35 years, Marsh- McBirney has provided innovative and award winning open channel flowmeters designed for both portable (short-term) and permanent (long-term) flow monitoring applications. In 2006, Marsh- McBirney became part of the Hach Company family.

Compatible with Sigma 950 Flow Meter

Sigma Ultrasonic Sensors

Compatible with Sigma 950 Flow Meter


The Sigma Down-Looking and In-Pipe Ultrasonic Sensors are excellent non-contact flow monitoring solutions for level measurement in combination with the Sigma 950 Flow Meter. These extremely low maintenance sensors provide high resolution data and are often used with weirs, flumes and other hydraulic structures to determine flow. The In-Pipe Sensor is designed to greatly reduce ultrasonic dead band so that it can be mounted directly in the sewer pipe and still transmit accurate date even at almost full levels.

Additional Features:
Excellent in:

  • Redundant level verification scenarios
  • High velocity sites
  • Use with flumes, weirs and other hydraulic structures



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