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M-SYSTEM CO. LTD is a Japanese leading manufacturer offering a wide range of I/O Solutions Products and Instrumentation & Automation Components used for process, factory and building automation, from the field level up to the control room level.

We are your supply partner for the interfacing applications of analogue/discrete signals, communication networks and intelligence systems.

Multi Power Monitor with Modbus & CC-Link

54U / 54UC / 54UL

Multi Power Monitor with Modbus & CC-Link


  • 110 x 110 mm panel size
  • Robust screw terminal connection
  • Four digital displays
  • 60-segment bargraph
  • Single-phase/2-wire and 3-wire, three-phase/3-wire and 4-wire systems
  • All measured variables can be transmitted to the host PC via RS-485/Modbus RTU or CC-Link,LONWORKS
  • Energy count pulse or limit alarm output selectable
  • Up to 4 optional analog outputs
  • Programming lock to prevent unwanted configuration changes
  • Input range up to 480 Vac, 1 A or 5 A



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