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Sensus is a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation. Our company is rooted in 100 years of experience - and focused squarely on the future.

Sensus delivers Energy Metering Solutions for heating & cooling applications that support the growing need for energy efficiency.

Wet Dial Multijet Flowmeter (for Cold Water)


Wet Dial Multijet Flowmeter (for Cold Water)


As with all meters in the Sensus portfolio, the 420 multijet meter benefits from our long experience in the manufacture of highperformance meters. The 420 reliability, resistance to bad water quality and quiet operation will satisfy both end users and network managers. The new oversized identification plate offers a solution to show in a legible way all the meter characteristics and provides the possibility for a customized bar code or logo. Through its standard HRI interface the 420 can be used in any network where a reliable and versatile AMR system is required. The HRI solution is retrofittable and can be added any time after the meter has been installed.



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