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Sensus is a global leader in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation. Our company is rooted in 100 years of experience - and focused squarely on the future.

Sensus delivers Energy Metering Solutions for heating & cooling applications that support the growing need for energy efficiency.

Ultrasonic Meter (Energy Meter)

PolluStat E

Ultrasonic Meter (Energy Meter)


Ultrasonic Meter for heating and cooling energy / nominal sizes qp 0.6 to 60 m3/h 

The ultrasonic meter PolluStat E is applicable for energy consumption measurement in heating or cooling circuits with water as the heat carrier. Optionally PolluStat E is available for the usage in combined heating and cooling systems, where an automatic switch-over point provides storing of heating and cooling energy in separate registers. The newly designed integrator is equipped as standard with two sockets for data communication and remote reading modules. The modules (e.g. M-Bus or LONWORKS®-FTT10A) can be factoryfitted or retrofitted after meter installation. Besides the considerably improved reading comfort it is now also possible to activate different tariffs for district heating utilities. An upcoming application is the measuring of so-called "returned heat quantity" into the heating grid caused by overstepping a defined return flow temperature (e.g. 50 °C) at an endpoint heat exchanger. High-quality connecting terminals and novel cable entrances allow a safe and easy connection of the temperature sensors.



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