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Energy Meter - Totaliser

PolluWatt Duo II

Energy Meter - Totaliser


The PolluWatt Duo II energy meter and totaliser is the successful combination of a highperformance energy meter and three integrated, freely programmable analogue outputs (0/4 – 20 mA) in one housing. PolluWatt Duo can be used to complete the heat measuring point with almost all the usual volume measuring units and temperature sensors that are currently in use in the field of measuring quantities of heat.
Depending on the type and size of the volume measuring unit foreseen, the valence of the incoming volume signal is programmed in the factory before delivery.
For measuring points in which the volume measuring unit is built into the heating supply (or in the reflux in a refrigeration system), PolluWatt Duo II can be acquired as a supply-calibrated variant.
All measurements and information are shown in clear text on a backlit two-line dot matrix display. Operation is via two user-friendly buttons on the front side of the device. 



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