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KONAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD is a Japanese leading manufacturer and supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid Components for factory automation and energy-saving applications.

Konan’s highly reliable and durable products have been developed with superior technologies to meet the needs and demands especially in the heavy industries such as power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, as well as many other industrial fields. Our products and services are highly used not only in Japan but over 50 countries around the world.

5-port solenoid valves (spool valve)

413 series

5-port solenoid valves (spool valve)


Sub-plate type solenoid valve focusing safety in operation and easy maintenance.

Employing sizes complying with ISO and JIS standards, this valve is suitable for multiple applications.

With standardized collective exhaust type manifold and sizes complying with ISO and JIS standards, the valve is designed to enhance functionability.


Model codeReturn413S302C413S303C413S603C413S604C413S804C413S806C
Closed center413H302C413H303C413H603C413H604C413H804C413H806C
Center open to exhaust413J302C413J303C413J603C413J604C413J804C413J806C
Center open to pressure413I302C413I303C413I603C413I604C413I804C413I806C
Port sizeRc1/4Rc3/8Rc1/2Rc3/4
Effective area of valve25mm228mm255mm260mm270mm280mm2
Working pressure0.2~0.8MPa
Ambient temp.-5~50℃
SolenoidRated voltageAC100V,110V,200V,220V(50/60Hz)   DC24V,48V,100V,110V,125V
Temperature rise≦70℃
Insulation classJIS C4003 Class B
Power consumptionAC:6VA  DC:5W
Response time≦0.03 s≦0.06 s≦0.1 s
Operating frequencyMax. 4/s Min. 1/month
Applicable cylinder size (reference)φ80~160φ140~220φ160~250


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