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Explosion barrier

SAF3-5 , MTL728+

Explosion barrier


Intrinsic safety explosion barrier is an explosion-proof device with single channel, shunt-diode DC circuit that enables interactive electric signaling without short circuit while controlling energy transmission in order to prevent ignition in explosive atmosphere.

1.Applicable to Zone 0.

2.When serially connected to a transmission circuit, the barrier protects

   the circuit and components in hazardous area from being affected by 

   a serious accident in the non-hazardous area.

3.Despite in the hazardous location, conventional wiring is available.

4.Intrinsical proof of operational signal is figured out easily and at lower

5.As SAF3-5 safety barrier has protection circuit, it will be not broken

   if you wired in the wrong polarity.
6.SAF3-5 safety barrier employ crimping terminal wiring method.


Model codeSAF3-5MTL728+
Explosion-proof constructionIntrinsic safety construction(ExiaⅡB)Intrinsic safety construction(i2G4) 
Rated voltageDC24V±5%-
Max. working voltage-DC25.5V
Max. allowable voltage-DC26.6V
Safety retention voltageAC/DC 250V
Rating of a fuse50mA
Ambient temp.-20~60℃-10~60℃
Basic circuit figure
Operating condition

1.Place the valve in non-hazardous area.

2. Parts and connections cannot be changed.

3. Use with specified solenoid valves.

 4. Allowable inductance for external connection: 10mH / Capacitance: 0.5 μF

 4. Allowable inductance for external connection: 1mH / Capacitance: 0.05 μF


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