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KONAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD is a Japanese leading manufacturer and supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid Components for factory automation and energy-saving applications.

Konan’s highly reliable and durable products have been developed with superior technologies to meet the needs and demands especially in the heavy industries such as power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, as well as many other industrial fields. Our products and services are highly used not only in Japan but over 50 countries around the world.

NAMUR standard model compact explosion-proof 5-port solenoid valve [spool valve]

4N4 series

NAMUR standard model compact explosion-proof 5-port solenoid valve [spool valve]


5-port solenoid valve for operation change of a pneumatic actuator. 

This product incorporates a bypass valve in the body and has a speed controller to adjust exhaust pressure as a standard. Valve size is designed based on the NAMUR standard.


Model codeReturn4N4S102K
Port sizeRc1/4
Effective area of valve10mm2
Working pressure0.15~0.7MPa
Ambient temp.

d2G4 : -5~60℃

Exd II BT4 : -5~40℃

SolenoidRated voltageAC100V,110V,200V,220V(50/60Hz)   DC24V
Temperature rise≦60℃
Insulation classJIS C4003 Class H
Power consumptionAC: 5.5 VA (60 Hz) / 7.5 VA (50 Hz), DC: 4 W
Response time≦0.05 sec
Explosion-proof standardExplosion-proof enclosure construction d2G4 and Exd II BT4
Accessories Bolt for mounting of TA2 rotary actuator, packings, silencer with throttle valve


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