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KONAN ELECTRIC CO., LTD is a Japanese leading manufacturer and supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fluid Components for factory automation and energy-saving applications.

Konan’s highly reliable and durable products have been developed with superior technologies to meet the needs and demands especially in the heavy industries such as power plants, steel mills, chemical plants, as well as many other industrial fields. Our products and services are highly used not only in Japan but over 50 countries around the world.

Oilless enclosed cylinders with reed switch


Oilless enclosed cylinders with reed switch


Oilless enclosed cylinder based on CP665 with reed switch for detecting stroke position.

This cylinder boasts high adaptability regardless of loads or operational environment.


Specification of cylinder

Model codeSP665
Operation typeDouble acting
Bore sizeφ40,50,63,80,100,125,140,160,180,200
Working pressure0.2~1.0MPa
Piston speed50~500mm/s
Tread toleranceJIS(6H、6g)
CushionBoth ends (Air cushion)
Ambient temp.-5~50℃

Specification of reed switch

Model codeSW-1SW-2
Detection systemIron proximity type
Applicable voltageAC/DC5~115VAC100~220V
Applicable current2~60mA2~30mA
Max. contact capacity3W6VA
Indication lampLight emitting diode (LED)Lights on at "ON"
Ambient temp.-5~50℃
Protection classIP65


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