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HACH COMPANY was established in 1947, in Ames, Iowa, USA. For more than 60 years, Hach has been the world market leader for Analytical Instrumentation for Complete Water Analysis, providing solutions for lab, process and field.

In 2002, GLI, a leading US manufacturer of process electro-chemistry analytical instruments, became part of the Hach Company family.

Water analysis has to be right. Our customers deserve complete, reliable solutions that they can be fully  confident in. Hach is your answer. We make water analysis simpler

Monochloramine Analyzer

APA 6000™

Monochloramine Analyzer


Applications: Drinking Water.

Total Chloramination Control. Many water utilities have switched from traditional chlorination to Chloramination in order to lower the risk of disinfection by-products (DBP's) and provide long-lasting residual disinfection with monochloramine. The APA 6000 Ammonia/Monochloramine Analyzer is the first system that affordably monitors all critical Chloramination parameters - free ammonia, total ammonia and monochloramine - and enables you to maintain continuous control of the Chloramination system.

  • Total Chloramination Control
  • Selectable readout
  • Automatic functions
  • Corrosion-resistant


Accuracy:± 5 % of reading or ± 0.02 mg/L as N (0.1 mg/L as Cl2) whichever is greater
Alarm:Two SPDT alarm relays included; total of up to 14 programmable alarm relays (with optional Signal Output Modules)
Compliance Certifications:UL, CSA and IEC safety standards, FCC & European RFI standards and European EMI standards
Cycle Time:5.0 min per analysis for 1 sample stream (Optionally capable of sampling 2 streams-requires sample sequencing kit)
Dimensions Metric (H x W X D):522 mm x 627 mm x 527 mm
Enclosure Construction:PC/ABS case, PC door, PC hinges and latches, 316 SST hardware
Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X/IP66
Light Source:Class 1M LED, peak wavelength 650 nm
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD):≤ 0.05 mg/L
Mounting Configurations:Wall or Bench
Operating Humidity:5 to 95 % Relative Humidity, non-condensing
Operating Temperature Range:5 to 50 °C (41 to 122 °F); best performance: 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Output:Two 4-20mA ouputs included; Two 4-20 mA outputs suitable for recorders or PID control. Ouput span programmable over any portion of the measuring range (130 Vac isolation from earth ground)
Parameter:Ammonia and Monochloramine
Power Requirements (Hz):50 - 60 Hz
Power Requirements (Voltage):100 - 240 VAC
Range:0.02 to 2 mg/L as N (0.1 to 10.0 mg/L as Cl2)
Repeatability:± 3 % of reading or ± 0.01 mg/L as N (0.05 mg/L as Cl2) whichever is greater
Sample Flow Rate:100 to 2000 mL/minute (500-1000 mL/minute recommended)
Sample Temperature:5 to 50 °C (41 to 122 °F)
Weight:56.22 lbs. (25.5 kg) (49.3 lb) dry, 28.9 kg (63.7 lb) wet with full analyzer bottles)


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