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HACH COMPANY was established in 1947, in Ames, Iowa, USA. For more than 60 years, Hach has been the world market leader for Analytical Instrumentation for Complete Water Analysis, providing solutions for lab, process and field.

In 2002, GLI, a leading US manufacturer of process electro-chemistry analytical instruments, became part of the Hach Company family.

Water analysis has to be right. Our customers deserve complete, reliable solutions that they can be fully  confident in. Hach is your answer. We make water analysis simpler

Phosphate Analyzer


Phosphate Analyzer


Applications: Wastewater, Industrial Water.

The Phosphate Analyzer has low detection limit of 0.05 mg/L, is environmentally controlled for rugged, outdoor installations, and designed specifically for easy installation at the measurement point. It provides a wide measurement range for a variety of wastewater applications. Automatic cleaning and calibration every day. Easy access to reagents and wear parts. 

PROGNOSYS is a predictive diagnostic system that allows you to be proactive in your maintenance, by alerting you to upcoming instrument issues. Know with confidence whether changes in your measurements are due to changes in your instrument or your water.

Phosphax sc must be connected to an sc1000 to form a complete loop.

  • Wide Detection Limit for a Variety of Wastewater Applications
  • Low Cost of Operation with Proven Analysis Method
  • Fast Response Time for Control of Nutrient Removal Process
  • Easy Installation at the Measurement Point
  • Low Maintenance


Accuracy:Using standard solutions: 2 % + 0.05 mg/L mg/L
Cable Length:2 m fixed data cable at analyzer
Cable Length 2:2 m fixed power cable at analyzer
Data Transfer:Current output, relays and bus communication via SC controller
Dimensions Metric (H x W X D):720 mm x 540 mm x 390 mm
Flow:1 to 20 L/h Sample (free of suspended solids)
Fuse Protection:Via SC1000 controller or power box. Maximum of 2 analysers per SC1000 or power box
Lower Limit of Detection (LOD):0.05 mg/L PO4-P
Material:ASA/PC UV-resistant
Measurement Method:Photometric method using vanadate-molybdate.
Measuring Interval:5 to 120 min , adjustable per 5 min.
Measuring Principle:Phosphate ions react with vanadate-molybdate reagent to form a yellow dye.
Operating Temperature Range:-20 to 45 °C
Output:Current output, relays and bus communication via SC controller
Permissible Chloride Range:Max. Cl- concentration: 1000 mg/L
pH Range:5 to 9 pH
Power Requirements (Hz):50 Hz
Power Requirements (Voltage):115-230 V AC, powered by Power Box or SC1000
Pressure Range:-30 to 50 mbar with continuous sample preparation; at overflow vessel
Range:0.05 to 15.0 mg/L PO4-P
Reproducibility:Low Range 2 % + 0.05 mg/L mg/L
Weight:Without sample preparation system and without chemicals: 68.34 lbs. (31 kg)


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