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JENCO INSTRUMENTS was established more than 40 years ago on the idea that innovative water quality instruments should be available at competitive prices and their mission is to bring innovation to anyone who works with analytical instruments.

Since the launching of the world's first portable digital pH meter in 1975, Jenco Instruments has continued to focus only on building water quality instruments for measuring pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, dissolved oxygen, ion, turbidity and temperature. 

This single minded-focus is combined with Jenco's obsession with finding the best balance between quality and value - whether it is the simplest testers or the most advanced, gesture-operated, WIFI-enabled benchtop meters.   

DO/Temp Controller/Transmitter


DO/Temp Controller/Transmitter


Features :
  • Easy to install 1/8 DIN plastic casing
  • Clear LCD displays dissolved oxygen or temperature with backlight
  • Calibration data is stored in memory and is ready for use on power up 
  • Universal power supply input from 100~240V AC
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation 
  • 2 sets of programmable on/off relays for DO (3921)
  • Isolated and reversible 4-20mA current output for DO allows it to be used as a proportional output (3931)
  • RS485 Modbus communication protocol (3951)
  • CE and RoHS compliant


Range :

Dissolved oxygen (mg/L) : 0.00~40.00mg/L
Dissolved oxygen (%) : 0.0~400.0%
Temperature : -10.0~80.0°C automatic or manual 
Barometric pressure compensation : 600~4000mBar manual 
Salinity Compensation : 0.0~49.9ppt manual 

Resolution : 

Dissolved oxygen (mg/L) : 0.01mg/L
Dissolved oxygen (%) : 0.1%
Temperature : ±0.2°C ±1 digit

Accuracy :

Dissolved oxygen (mg/L) : ±0.2%FS
Dissolved oxygen (%) : ±0.2%FS
Temperature : ±0.3°C

Type of electrode : Polarographic
Control type/Relay Output : Two ON/OFF controls. 5A at 115V AC or 2.5A at 220V AC (3921)
Current Output : One 4~20mA isolated and programmable (3931)
Communication Output : RS-485 Modbus standard protocol (3951)
Power : 100V AC~240V AC, 50/60Hz

Accessories :

OXYSENS 120 : For wastewater (stainless steel housing, PG13.5 thread, 5m cable with temperature thermistor)
OXYFERM FDA 120 : For fermentation (stainless steel housing, T82/D4 thread with temperature thermistor)
011-150-00 : Waterproof enclosures, 150mm for panel mounting
012-150-00 : Waterproof enclosures, 150mm for wall mounting 


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