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   With top level products and services, Sewerin is the market technology leader and a partner to the gas and water supply industry. Together with 85 years of experience in the development of measuring devices, the knowledge accumulated by their own measuring teams contributes significantly to their success.

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   In addition to the sale of measuring devices and services offered by Sewerin , our team in IPSH Sdn Bhd offers stationary and mobile device maintenance service, servicing and repair of installations. 

Multitec 545

Multitec 545


  • Innovative operating concept with jog dial, menu navigation and function keys
  • Large-format matrix display with backlight
  • Selective infrared sensors for hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide
  • EC sensor for hydrogen sulphide with wide measuring range (5000 ppm)
  • Rapid charging in 3 hours
  • Power supplied from four replaceable AA-size rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Explosion protection: ATEX 100a IIB, IIC when used with leather bag
  • PC communication via USB port
  • Supporting bracket for carrying and positioning


Dimensions (W × D × H): Approx. 148 × 57 × 205 mm
Approx. 148 × 57 × 253 mm with supporting bracket
Weight: Approx. 1.000 g, depending on equipment
Protection rating: IP54

Operating Conditions

Operating temperature: -20 ºC – +40 ºC
Storage temperature: -25 ºC – +60 ºC
Pressure: 800 – 1100 hPa
Permissible relative humidity: 5 – 90 % r.h., non-condensing

Power Supply

Power supply: 4 rechargeable (NiMH) or disposable (alkaline) batteries
Operating time: At least 6 h
Charging time for rechargeable batteries: Approx. 3 h (complete charge), depending on capacity
Charging voltage: 12 V DC (max. 1 A)
Charging temperature: 0 °C – +30 °C


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