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    AquaMetrix products have been manufactured for more than five decades. The company has grown into a worldwide maker of water quality instrumentation that is known for working in environments where nothing else works. Aquametrix products have been made in the United States since 2010.                          

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AM-TBR Turbidity Sensor

AM-TBR Turbidity Sensor


For very precise measures and low Turbidity values, as required by most drinking water application, we suggest to install the probe in the flow cell. The cell is equipped with a flow regulator to avoid air bubbles, which can come from grab samples under pressure. Cleaning the cell is extremely simple, and it can also be used for calibrations with Formazine. Sensors can also be installed in pipes, and special adapters and Tee assembly.



  • Nephelometric (both White light ISO 7027, and IR light sources EN 27027)
  • Fast response time
  • 4 – 20 mA output signal with built-in preamplifier
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Three measurement ranges: 0 – 4 NTU, 0 – 40 NTU and 0 – 400 NTU


  • Municipal Drinking Water
  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Industrial Wastewater


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