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NOHKEN INC. was established in 1965, and is a Japanese leading manufacturer of Level Measurement Instruments for more than 45 years.

We offer a wide range of level measurement products for both liquids and solids medium. With our long experience and reliable technical capabilities, Nohken is able to solve all your level measurement problems.

Nohken offers the following comprehensive range of level measurement products:
    • Point Level Detection (Level Switch) – Liquids & Solids
    • Continuous Level Measurement (Level Transmitter) – Liquids & Solids

Power Relay Unit


Power Relay Unit


PR, power relay output, is designed to convert switching function to the relay output as 240V 3A AC, 30V 3A DC. This unit can be connected with our sensor which is working at 24V DC supply power with NPN open collector such as Model VP11. Moreover, it can use with our sensor which is constructed with reed switch or micro-switch.

  • 24V DC power is supplied to sensor
  • 2 SPST relay output
  • Use with NPN open collector and reed switch



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